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Zeller has grown as a player since last year.
Image courtesy of Mike Dickbend

Cody Zeller: What if?

Photo courtesy of IU Athletics | There are few freshmen on the college basketball landscape that can come into a program and make an immediate impact.  There is an even less amount of freshman that come in and are the most i...
by Tony Adragna

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Verdell Jones Silences Doubters

Have you been one of many fans who didn’t understand why Coach Crean continued to start Verdell before he was injured? Have you been one of many fans frustrated with his consistent turnovers? You are not alone. However ag...
by Tricia Whitaker

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Sheehey Dunks Twice on Northwestern

Wanna relive those dunks on the Wildcats tonight? We’ve got the two best ones right here.
by Tricia Whitaker