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Bank on Mike at Bankers Life: B1G Women’s Tournament Notebook- Day 3

Nebraska 77 Ohio State 62 Nebraska came into Indianapolis and definitely made their presence known in their first three games in their newest conference tournament. The Cornhuskers scored 80 or more points in both of their wins...
by Michael Felish


Indiana Women Look Ahead to Next Season

It was no surprise that the Indiana women’s team would take an early exit in first round of the Big Ten Tournament, losing decisively to the Michigan State Spartans. In a season full of poor conference play and significan...
by Michael Felish


Bayer Leads Indiana to First Big Ten Title in 20 Years

                        Image courtesy of the Herald Times | The last time Indiana University won a Big Ten Title gas was $1.05 a gallon and Bill Clinton was soon to b...
by William Chukerman



Do racial stereotypes dictate NFL success?

Photo courtesy of USA Today | At the end of the 2011 NFL season more than 70 percent of the players in the league were African-American. There were 97 quarterbacks listed on an NFL roster at the end of the season, and only 20 o...
by kgans


A Student Journalist’s Look Back

Photo courtesy of IU Athletics | As a student media member, I knew my own senior day would eventually come. For four years I dreamt of this day and all that it would mean to me after it had come and gone. On my last day coverin...
by Courtney Cronin