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September 24, 2013

Lions Roar in Washington: Takes 76 years

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Written by: Alexis Stowe
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(via New York Daily News)
Detroit Lions take home their first franchise win in Washington after 76 years.

Matthew Stafford lead the Lions to their 27-20 win in the nation’s capital with a pair of touchdowns ending the second longest streak in NFL history.  In the post-game press conference Stafford talks as if it was any other win “the biggest thing for us is getting a win on the road.”

With Reggie Bush out for the game, Joique Bell was able to step in with four catches and 63 yards rushing with his first NFL start.  Joique earned the first touchdown of the game with 5:14 left in the first quarter. At one point in the game Joique helped physically push Stafford near a first down which led to a touchdown.  When asked about his assist he said “It looked like they had us stopped, but I was able to go push the pile forward. And we won.”

Joseph Fauria caught a five yard pass from Stafford and scored the second touchdown of the game with 14:47 remaining in the first half.  This was Fauria’s second career touchdown and he gave the crowd a celebration dance.  He was caught later on Twitter tweeting with Joey Fatone where he said “I got some more (moves) up these sleeves!”

David Akers made two fieldgoals and two extra point kicks; the first fieldgoal with 44 seconds remaining in the first half and the second with 11:08 left in the game.  Both fieldgoals came after the teams were tied.

Calvin Johnson finished off the game with his 11 yard reception and touchdown with 3:56 remaining in the game.  Johnson had a total of seven receptions for 115 yards and caught his 500th career pass in the first quarter.

Jim Schwartz throws down headset after emotional win. (NFL.com)

The coaching staff was emotional about the win throwing their headsets down at the end of the game. Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz was asked about it after the game and he said “Ya it was emotional, I mean I’m proud as can be of our team. We played a tough game on a tough road game environment”.

Next week the Lions play the Chicago Bears at home.  With the Bears being 3-0 it will be a tough matchup.  If the Lions can pull out a win at home against the Bears they will be on track for a playoff berth in 2013.

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