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Hoosiers In The NBA: Playing Well Despite Bad Team Performance

While great teams in the Western Conference continue to battle it out just to make the playoffs, it seems no one wants the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. Both the Orlando Magic and the Charlotte Hornets had a great chan...
by Quinn Saturday


Hoosiers In The NBA: December Ups and Downs & Adjustments For 2015

Happy Holidays Hoosier Nation! With nearly a third of the NBA season in the books, it’s time to look at how all of the former Hoosiers are playing in the pros. Let’s recap how they have performed the first two months of the...
by Quinn Saturday

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Ferrell Paces Hoosiers In Strong Second Half

The first 20 minutes of Saturday’s game could not have gone much worse for Yogi Ferrell. In a game that meant so much for Indiana, Ferrell, the teams second leading scorer and floor general, played only nine minutes in the fi...
by William Chukerman



Hoosiers In The NBA: Oladipo Starts Showing Improvement

There weren’t many games played by former Hoosiers this past week but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to report on as Victor Oladipo is starting to show flashes and Cody Zeller may have a new role on the Charlotte H...
by Quinn Saturday


Emmitt Holt Makes Huge Impact in Big Ten-ACC Challenge Victory

Following his four game suspension for his involvement in the Devin Davis incident, Emmitt Holt had only seen the floor for 17 total minutes this season. In Indiana’s Big Ten-ACC Challenge Victory over Pittsburgh, 81-69, ...
by Allie Hausfeld