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Tony Adragna live at the Knox vs. Goodman Pro-Am Competition

Follow our live blog for the latest on what is happening in the Knox vs. Goodman Pro-Am game.  Kevin Durant will not be participating, which is devastating news for some fans.  We’re 49 minutes from tip-off, and it ...
by Tony Adragna

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The Bucket Game Interception Call

Here’s the perspective our IUSC camera caught of the interception call the refs ruled “un-reviewable because there was dual possession” Share your comments on the call.
by Tricia Whitaker


Jordan Haverly Returns to Court after ACL injury

After overcoming a season ending ACL injury, Jordan Haverly has returned to the Hoosiers for the 2012 season and has come out strong earning MVP honors at last week’s Black Knight Invitational. Taylor Blackburn reports.
by Taylor Blackburn


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Indiana Drops Bucket Game, Along with the Season

Photo taken by: Mike Flasterstein After one of the most disappointing seasons in the history of the Indiana Football program, the team dropped the most rivaled and hyped up game of the year…a game that was reflective of t...
by Tricia Whitaker

the big handsome

The Big Handsome Moves On

When Tom Crean was hired at Indiana, he knew he had a tough challenge getting the program back to where it needed to be. When he landed Mr. Indiana basketball of 2011, Cody Zeller, the fans took a sigh of relief. Zeller has hel...
by Allie Hausfeld