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The Transfer Deadline

image courtesy of: www.thefixisin.net Ryan Kost takes a look at the transfer window in the EPL and MLS while analyzing each the moves each team made.  He gives us his thoughts and opinions on who has improved and who has misse...
by Ryan Kost


Who Needs Drama? We Need Drama

If you love baseball, then last week’s historic events probably were nothing short of remarkable in your eyes. Two of the most unthinkable September collapses were completed within three hours of each other, with the Tam...
by Billy Rohaly


Overseas soccer: Fans would do well to broaden their horizons

People who don’t understand the intricate fabric of global soccer don’t bother me. I’m not the type of person to dislike someone just because they aren’t as passionate about the beautiful game as I a...
by Billy Rohaly