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Welcome to La-La Land: A Tale of Two Teams

A few months ago, when Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim partners group purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2.15 billion, it was expected that the franchise would turn around and reclaim its spot as one of baseball’s to...
by Josh Handszer

Prince Fielder shows how large he wants his new deal (Credit to Zimbio.com)

Start The Bidding At…

Baseball is over. As hard as it is for me to say that, it’s true. Baseball is over… …Well, for the most part. Free Agency Frenzy is upon us! As of 12:01 AM, players who have filed for free agency can begin neg...
by Josh Handszer


Theo Epstein: Savior?

Since their epic collapse at the end of the 2011 season, the Boston Red Sox have not had trouble staying out of the headlines. From the disbelief of the team’s collapse, Terry Francona’s duties relieved as manager o...
by Josh Handszer



Who Needs Drama? We Need Drama

If you love baseball, then last week’s historic events probably were nothing short of remarkable in your eyes. Two of the most unthinkable September collapses were completed within three hours of each other, with the Tam...
by Billy Rohaly


Rewriting The Script

As Matt Joyce stepped into the batter’s box and directly into the harrowing glare of unhittable Yankee’s set-up man – and former Tampa Bay Rays All-Star - Joyce paused and looked up at the...
by Ben Baroff