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Zeller And Oladipo Watch: Making Strides

Figuring out how to play well and be consistently successful in the NBA takes time and for some (like Adam Morrison) they never figure it out. Cody Zeller hasn’t yet figured out how to play well and while Victor Oladipo has f...
by Quinn Saturday

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Yogi Ferrell carries Indiana to upset win over Michigan

With Larry Bird and other members of the Indiana Pacers recruiting staff in attendance, Indiana point guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell put on a show. After one of Ferrell’s many threes went in, Bird just looked down and shook h...
by Quinn Saturday


Greatest IU Basketball Player Bracket (POLL): Bob Knight Region

Welcome to the third region of the Greatest IU Basketball Player Bracket. This week you will be voting in the Bob Knight region. The winner of this region will face the winner of the Tom Crean region, which you will begin votin...
by Quinn Saturday



Zeller and Oladipo Watch: Playing Well Against Certain Teams

NOTE: It’s been a lot of fun tracking these two great former Hoosiers in their first season in the pros. Regardless of what they accomplish in the NBA, they will never be forgotten for what they meant to Indiana University ba...
by Quinn Saturday

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Indiana Prepping For A Struggling Illinois Team

When Indiana last played Illinois, back on New Years Eve, the Fighting Illini only had two losses and was playing some of their best basketball. Fast-forward to the teams second meeting, Sunday afternoon, barely three weeks lat...
by William Chukerman