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Twitter logo in contrast

Which MLB Twitter Accounts Have the Most in Common with Elaine Benes?

“Fake, fake, fake, fake.” It’s the new reality we live in – the number of Twitter followers someone has can be asĀ artificialĀ as a private soiree with Elaine Benes. Thankfully, the folks at statuspeople...
by Ryan Vooris


Why the Braves Should Fire Roger McDowell

This is a difficult article for me to write. This is not because of the issues behind it, but because I am a long-time Braves fan. As a Braves fan I’m defensive of my favorite team. It’s difficult to maintain my obj...
by Ryan Vooris


Media presence changes perception

Last week on ESPN radio, Colin Cowherd discussed Tiger Woods’ continued use of profanity at The Masters. Cowherd and some of his callers expressed disappointment at Tiger’s lack of self-control. A week earlier ESPN ...
by Ryan Vooris