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The Movement 2046

Good Mornmeme

Happy Monday, everyone. Today we got: A high school football player allegedly assaulted a coach for running up the score Big ups to Cris Collinsworth for predicting the outcome of the final play of SNF A Bengals’ cheer...
by Hank Glassner


Torrey Smith’s Brave Performance

Having a brother of my own, I can hardly imagine the day that Baltimore Raven wide receiver Torrey Smith had Sunday.  Around 2 a.m. Sunday, Torrey’s 19-year-old brother Tevin Jones was killed in a motorcycle accident in Virg...
by Sam Von Tobel

AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers/Colts – Running Diary

Over the years I’ve enjoyed Bill Simmons work on ESPN.com and now Grantland.com. In particular, my favorite pieces of Simmons have been his highly sarcastic, yet informative, running diaries. So, with that, I will attemp...
by Zachary Niceley