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FIFA Revolution

nyone who’s anyone knows what “FIFA” is, plain and simple. But for that to be true, FIFA—which stands for Federation International (de) Football Association (which few non-soccer fans likely know)â€...
by Billy Rohaly


Stateside Soccer is Back!

Cody, Matt, and Lauren re-cap the summer in soccer.  
by Cody Sharrett


US Plays Strong, Falls Short to Paraguay 1-0

On Tuesday night from LP Field the US Men’s National Team had their chances. The back three for Paraguay’s defense were just too strong for the US to get by. In front of 29,059 fans, a record in the state of Tenne...
by Logan Roberson



USA Soccer Fan Support on the Rise

Josh Bowles reports from LP Field in Nashville, TN on the rise in popularity of USA Soccer.
by Josh Bowles