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Nash-tradamus: IU Basketball Week 2 Preview

The first weekend of college hoops has passed, and although this has been written prior to the new rankings and polls being released, I think it safe to say Indiana will continue to have a “#1” displayed next to its name. T...
by Sean Nash


Nashtradamus: Indiana-Illinois Preview

The Hoosiers have reasserted themselves as the number one team in college basketball thanks to Saturday’s victory over then-top-ranked Michigan. Indiana also holds sole possession of the Big Ten Conference lead halfway throug...
by Sean Nash


In front of full house, Hoosiers down Illini 84-71

Photo courtesy of IU Athletics| om Crean knew his Hoosiers needed one more push. That one last push they’ve had trouble summoning late in games all year. With a 67-61 lead and Illinois closing in with seven minutes to pl...
by Ben Baroff



Zeller and Oladipo Watch: Shooting Improvements

The objective of basketball is to score more points than your opponent. For this reason it is important to be very accurate with your shot as to not waste possessions. Sure you have a chance to rebound your team’s miss but th...
by Quinn Saturday


Indiana Basketball: Thoughts to Ponder

Before the Indiana basketball season started just a few short weeks ago, most of us had the Hoosiers right around 17 or 18 wins on the season, and probably finish toward the middle of the Big Ten.  Before I get scrutinized; ...
by Tony Adragna