I am a huge college fan, especially when it involves the Indiana Hoosiers. When it comes to playing sport games, I am not a fan of the four year career building modes. I would rather just play with my favorite team and try to make it to a bowl game. If you are one of those guys who are looking for a review on the little things such as uniform umbers and stadium sections numbers, then this review is probably not for you. The main things in this review are the big things like how the game graphics look, and how the game actually plays.

I am not going to go into detail with what every button does but overall, I will say that I think this year’s edition of NCAA football is one of EA Sports’ best games. The running game is really well done this year, making runs and gameplay more realistic. The passing aspect is what a lot of you might expect. A big change is that this year if you choose to do a play action passes, then you won’t be penalized by getting a sack every time. Combined with the classic interface, this makes for a nice change.

So what makes the best part of this game the improved running game? This year, they did a really good job of making it feel more real to gamers. Your runners bounce off of tackles better and evade players more fluidly, all by using the right analog stick. The dreaded draw plays that used to never work actually have some success this year.

The audio in this game is really spot on, between the announcers broadcasting the game and Erin Andrews doing the sideline reports. It really makes you feel like you are in the game as the broadcasters keep up with the action. It becomes addictive getting into the game, and you just want to keep playing and playing.

As far as the graphics and visuals go, I feel as if they haven’t really improved in comparison to the previous couple of years. For how advanced the rest of the game is, I think that the engineers dropped the ball a little in visuals and graphics.

This game has a multitude of modes you can play in, including dynasty mode, Road To Glory, exhibition, and the mascot games, which are a fan favorite. In this game there are a lot of levels you can play on depending on your experience level, so it is fun for any ages and any experience level. There are even options to play online so you can take on your friends or opponents you meet through the game for an even more realistic feel.

Overall I would recommend this game to anyone who has an interest in playing a quality football game and wants to have a blast doing it at the same time. This game follows the standard put forth by the previous year and I am happy with my choice to buy it.

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